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A beach wedding is a unique, romantic, but still meaningful way to say your wedding vows. We are the original Beach Wedding Service of Myrtle Beach. Having performed over 2,000 beach weddings at hundreds of locations on over 20 miles of luxurious sandy beach.

A unique way to say your vows, simple, but romantic and meaningful. You can dress formal, casual, or very casual. You can chose the time and the location, or we can recommend locations. We can also provide you with information regarding Hotels, Receptions, Limos, Florists, and Photographers.

Our weddings are non denominational. We also renew wedding vows. Prices start at $250.

You will be happy you chose Beach Weddings for this happy event.

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South Carolina requires a 24 hour waiting time, no blood test, you will need only proof of identification ie drivers license. Our prices are reasonable, based on time and location.

We have just put together a new package which contains all of the information for you to start your "Wedding Plans" in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This package contains information on, Hotels, Limousines, Receptions, Florists, and Photographers. Simply e-mail your name and address to me and I will send your package out to you FREE.

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